Author: Brian Forcine
Date Authored: 09/01/2010

Dear Valued Customers, Vendors and Friends,

As you likely know, Forcine Concrete has been in business for over 35 years. Our reputation as one of the best merit shop commercial concrete contractors in the tri-state area comes as no mistake. We work hard, every day, to achieve this goal. Our mission statement proudly states that we place “doing the right thing” at the forefront of our business and personal endeavors. We live up to our mission statement by providing quality work for our customers, by providing a safe and secure work place for our valued employees, by giving back to our local community and by following both the letter and the spirit of all federal, state and local laws and regulations. As such our hiring and employment practices are in strict compliance with all Federal laws and regulations and, particularly, those regarding the hiring of only workers lawfully entitled to work in the United States.

I am writing this letter to you in response to a recent video that was posted on YouTube and, which you may have seen. Specifically, this video falsely accuses Forcine Concrete of hiring undocumented workers. This video was produced on June 4, 2010, by four unidentified men (one carrying a video camera) who trespassed and entered our job site without authorization. They demanded that our employees stop work and immediately proceeded to interrogate, threaten and terrorize our employees. They justified their actions based on their assertion that they were conducting an “official investigation”. The 18 minute and 10 second video that they took was edited down to 4 minutes and 24 seconds, and then posted on the internet. At least one of the parties responsible for posting this video on the internet is a paid union official. It is clear from the edited version that the posting is an attempt by organized labor to discredit and harm Forcine Concrete and our employees. 

We will continue to “do the right thing” by voluntarily having all of our employees I-9 forms re-verified. Additionally, we will include e-verification as part of our hiring procedure moving forward. The e-verify process, with which you may not be familiar, is a Federally sponsored program designed to uncover any discrepancies with Social Security numbers and other documents that meet the I-9 criteria. E-verification is not required by federal law, but is a program employers can choose to enter. We have chosen to go that extra mile – which is just another example of our commitment to providing you, our valued customers, with the best possible service at the fairest price.

To all of our customers, vendors and friends, we will continue to provide the quality and service that has allowed us to become the successful company we are today. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. On behalf of Forcine Concrete and all of our loyal, hard-working employees, I want to thank you for your continued support.


F. Brian Forcine 



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Rydall Park
165,000 sf five story cast-in-place concrete frame building. Parking on ground and first floor with three floors of residential living space.
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Dear Valued Customers, Vendors and Friends, As you likely know, Forcine Concrete has been in business for over 35 years. Our reputatio...
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“The ultimate complement I could give a service driven business is peace of mind. We are well aware that that Forcine Concrete provides this to our clients as well as our staff ”
Dave Simms-Iron Hill Construction Management

“I have worked with Forcine Concrete for a number of years where I was engineer of record. On all projects that we have worked together their performance has been excellent. These jobs went smoothly and were finished on time and budget much to the delight of the owner ”
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Steven Devine, PE - Cubellis

“Forcine was involved from the initial design phase and they were very instrumental in recommending a design that fit the owners needs and budget. The owner was so pleased with the first garage that he requested to have the same team build the second garage”
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William Lane-Penntex Construction

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